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What is 7misr4day?

7misr4day It is a site that is concerned with technology, specifically in the field of smart phones, through our site, you can know the most important specifications of the phones that have been issued in the market, and you will be able to know everything about the phone in terms of specifications, defects and features, and this details we get by searching online or through our personal experience of


How do I benefit from 7misr4day site?

Our website offers you a complete review of new phones if you are looking for a phone to buy and you do not have details about this phone you can through our website see details about this phone and if you are looking for a phone which is not available with us then you can send us a message about this phone and we will within 12-24 hours Issuing the most important details of the phone, its advantages and disadvantages


How to use 7misr4day website?

1- Through the phones review section, you will be able to see the latest specifications of smart phones, and you will see the advantages, price and defects of the phone, and we search daily for the latest phones via the Internet

2- Through the phones news section in this section, you will see the latest news about smart phones, such as if a new phone is handled, we are providing this news

3- Applications section Through this section you can see the latest useful and easy-to-download applications for Android and iPhone and do not put profitable or pornographic links to download the application only we put a direct link to the application from the Google Play store or play store

4- The blog section In this section you will see all the articles of the site

5- Registration Department Through this section, you will create an account on our website, and through this section you will be able to subscribe to the notification service on our site.

6- Login Section This section is for members, the site.

7- Home Page This page appears directly when entering our site. We display many articles on this page because they have achieved more selling and we present to you on this page the last reference videos.


Why I trust 7misr4day website

Why do I trust 7misr4day? You should trust our site because we are doing a full phone review. In the review, we provide phone features, offer phone defects, and offer you the price of the phone. If an official price for the phone is not issued, we expect the price, the website opens the phone box phone and finds a result inside the box phone

Is 7misr4day website dealing with smart phone companies? 

The answer is (no) we do not deal with mobile phone companies completely and the main source of making money from our site is we will rely on adsense ads only

Our mission is 7misr4day

Our mission in technext site is that we offer you 100% real details about smartphones, not reviews of our site. We search daily via the internet for new smartphones and look for reliable sources like the official website of the company

7misr4day website owners

Our site has a team of 4 people who are young people from Egypt and the United States of America. Our site was built through experience gained during 4 years. We are a company that will provide you with something. Useful and will like it


How to communicate with 7misr4day

If you want to communicate with us until you want to report something or want to add a new phone to our website, contact us via this email rizkmohamed665y@gmail.com

Or through this page click here

What currency is used to calculate the price of the phone?

This question has been asked a lot. What currency is used to calculate the price of the phone? We depend on calculating the price of the phone in the currency of the US dollar only and do not use another currency, but if you are from another country you can copy the price of the phone and go to the Google search engine and search for the exchange currency and through this site you can convert the currency to the currency of the country in which you live ...